Standardization of test methods in the field of thermal insulation materials, building elements, components, constructions and systems.

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Reference Title Type
ISO/TC 163/SC 1/AHG 10   Air tightness of buildings Working group
ISO/TC 163/SC 1/WG 2   Guarded hot plate methods Working group
ISO/TC 163/SC 1/WG 8   Moisture content and moisture permeability Working group
ISO/TC 163/SC 1/WG 15   Thermography of buildings and industrial installations Working group
ISO/TC 163/SC 1/WG 16   In-situ measurement of thermal resistance and thermal transmittance of opaque building elements Working group
ISO/TC 163/SC 1/WG 17   Solar heat gain coefficient of windows and doors Working group
ISO/TC 163/SC 1/WG 19 Periodic heat method for thermal diffusivity of thermal insulation Working group
ISO/TC 163/SC 1/WG 20   Test methods at cryogenic temperature Working group
ISO/TC 163/SC 1/WG 21   Test method for Specific heat capacity of thermal insulation for buildings at elevated temperature range Working group
ISO/TC 163/SC 1/WG 22   Energy performance of underfloor air distribution systems Working group
Liaison Committees to ISO/TC 163/SC 1

The committees below can access the documents of ISO/TC 163/SC 1:

Reference Title ISO/IEC
ISO/TC 108/SC 5 Condition monitoring and diagnostics of machine systems ISO
ISO/TC 205 Building environment design ISO


Liaison Committees from ISO/TC 163/SC 1

ISO/TC 163/SC 1 can access the documents of the committees below:

Reference Title ISO/IEC
ISO/TC 33 Refractories ISO
ISO/TC 61/SC 5 Physical-chemical properties ISO
ISO/TC 61/SC 10 Cellular plastics ISO


Organizations in liaison (Category A and B)
Acronym Title Category
CIB International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction A
EURIMA European Association of Insulation Manufacturers A
OIML International Organization of Legal Metrology A

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