Standardization in the field of life cycle assessment and related management systems and tools for products* and the product portfolio of organizations, including related environmental, social, and economic aspects, in support of sustainable development. It includes life cycle based environmental, social, economic, and technical assessments. Such assessments can apply to e.g. circularity of resources and eco-efficiency. The outcome of the assessment provides input for decision making to minimize or to prevent potential adverse impacts.

The term "products" includes both goods and services.

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* la cifra incluye las actualizaciones

Referencia Título Tipo
ISO/TC 207/SC 5/AHG   Scope revision Grupo de trabajo
ISO/TC 207/SC 5/JWG 14   Joint ISO/TC 207/SC 5 - ISO/TC 323 WG: Secondary materials Grupo de trabajo
ISO/TC 207/SC 5/TG 2   Circular economy coordination Grupo de trabajo
ISO/TC 207/SC 5/WG 12   Life cycle assessment -- Requirements and guidelines Grupo de trabajo
ISO/TC 207/SC 5/WG 15   Social life cycle assessments Grupo de trabajo
ISO/TC 207/SC 5/WG 16   Eco-Technoeconomic Analyses Grupo de trabajo


Grupos de trabajo conjuntos bajo la responsabilidad de otro comité
Referencia Título
ISO/TC 207/SC 3/TF 3 Assurance of communications based on life cycle assessment (LCA) data
Comités de enlace a ISO/TC 207/SC 5

Los comités que aparecen a continuación pueden acceder a los documentos de ISO/TC 207/SC 5:

Referencia Título ISO/IEC
IEC/TC 111 Environmental standardization for electrical and electronic products and systems IEC
ISO/CASCO Committee on conformity assessment ISO
ISO/TC 6 Paper, board and pulps ISO
ISO/TC 8 Ships and marine technology ISO
ISO/TC 17 Steel ISO
ISO/TC 17/SC 21 Environment related to climate change in the iron and steel industry ISO
ISO/TC 59/SC 17 Sustainability in buildings and civil engineering works ISO
ISO/TC 122/SC 4 Packaging and the environment ISO
ISO/TC 147 Water quality ISO
ISO/TC 156/SC 1 Corrosion control engineering life cycle ISO
ISO/TC 224 Drinking water, wastewater and stormwater systems and services ISO
ISO/TC 261 Additive manufacturing ISO
ISO/TC 287 Sustainable processes for wood and wood-based products ISO
ISO/TC 298 Rare earth ISO
ISO/TC 308 Chain of custody ISO
ISO/TC 323 Circular economy ISO


Comités de enlace de ISO/TC 207/SC 5

ISO/TC 207/SC 5 pueden acceder a los documentos de los comités que aparecen a continuación:

Referencia Título ISO/IEC
ISO/TC 17 Steel ISO
ISO/TC 59/SC 17 Sustainability in buildings and civil engineering works ISO
ISO/TC 147 Water quality ISO
ISO/TC 184/SC 4 Industrial data ISO
ISO/TC 207/SC 7 Greenhouse gas and climate change management and related activities ISO
ISO/TC 323 Circular economy ISO


Organizaciones de enlace (categorías A y B)
Sigla Título Categoría
CI Consumers International A
EC - European Commission European Commission A
ECO Platform ECO Platform AISBL A
ECOS (Environment) Environmental Coalition on Standards A
EuropaBio European Association for Bioindustries A
FAO Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations A
FSLCI Forum for Sustainability through Life Cycle Innovation A
IAI - aluminium International Aluminium Institute A
ICMM International Council on Mining and Metals A
IDF International Dairy Federation A
INLAC Latinoamerican Institute for Quality Assurance A
OIV International Organisation of Vine and Wine A
SETAC Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry A
WBCSD World Business Council for Sustainable Development A
WFEO World Federation of Engineering Organizations A
WFN Stichting Water Footprint Network A
World Steel Association World Steel Association A
WRI World Resources Institute A

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