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New international guidelines on clinical placements for healthcare trainees just published.

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Hands-on experience is essential to any profession, but particularly so in the medical sector. Yet increasing migration and mobility, coupled with a global shortage of professionals, means the breadth of experience and knowledge required has greatly expanded. Ensuring clinical placements are effective and worthwhile for everyone involved is the basis behind a new International Workshop Agreement (IWA) just published.

IWA 35Quality of learning environments for students in healthcare professions – Requirements for healthcare education providers in care settings, offers a global approach to providing quality learning experiences for healthcare trainees across the world.

These internationally agreed guidelines enable the evaluation of internships nationally and globally, and ensure they meet minimum standards of quality and relevance. They can support educational and healthcare institutions in offering and directing high-quality international learning opportunities and in simplifying the processes involved in organizing these for students.

The document covers mentorships, compliance obligations, risk management, partnerships, assessment of training and much more.

IWA 35 can be purchased from your national ISO member or the ISO Store.

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