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Humans operate in a world where change is constant, and where challenges and disruptions can be global in scale. Technology tools, as we know them today, have proliferated tremendously including those for digital learning and development activities and processes.
What is the potential impact of blockchain on e-business and how can standards help?
Capacity building journey ISO/TC 314 on Ageing societies.
Le DEVCO, qui se tient normalement dans le cadre de la Semaine ISO, aura lieu les 16 et 17 septembre.
La manifestation organisée cette année sera particulière puisqu’elle se déroulera exclusivement en ligne. À cette fin, nous avons développé une plateforme virtuelle sur mesure qui vous permettra de visionner les présentations, de participer aux ateliers de groupe, de tenir des réunions en parallèle avec …
L’Accord international d’atelier ISO IWA 29, Organisation professionnelle agricole – Lignes directrices, vise avant tout à professionnaliser les organisations agricoles pour leur permettre d’accéder à la chaîne d’approvisionnement mondiale en denrées alimentaires.
The ISO Committee on consumer policy (ISO/COPOLCO) is kicking off its annual Plenary week this year with an interactive Forum, "Engaging consumers in our global village" on 4 May. This event will precede COPOLCO’s Plenary meeting on 5-6 May.
The world is facing different types of catastrophes from natural disasters to pandemics. ISO has developed several standards (ISO 31000, ISO 22320, ISO 22322, ISO 45005) that can be used before, during and after such situations.
The process of digitalization has reached every aspect of modern living. Even the way we think about sports and video games in the 21st century is changing.
First awareness session for ISO members in developing countries.