ISO/CD 3843
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ISO/CD 3843
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ISO/CD 3843
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This document specifies a test method for a placement and removal for frictional retention elements used in removable dental prostheses. The aim of the document is to describe a procedure for the assessment of the frictional retention elements of ball head-, snap-on, prefabricated telescopic and bar systems used for the attachment, support and stabilization of crowns and bridges, single attachments, removable partial dentures, complete dentures, and other superstructures on dental implant systems and, if not other justified, on natural teeth and root post copings. This test method is not applicable to retention devices for which normal placement and removal requires any off-axis rotation for the path of least resistance. This test method is not applicable to dental magnetic attachments that provide retention, support and stabilization of removable prostheses (crowns and bridges, partial dentures and overdentures), superstructures of dental implants and orthodontic or maxillofacial prostheses including obturators. Requirements and test methods for dental magnetic attachments are specified in ISO 13017.

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