ICS Поле
17.020 Metrology and measurement in general
Including measuring instruments in general, preferred numbers, standard measures, general aspects of reference materials, etc.
Quantities and units, смотри01.060
Chemical reference materials, смотри71.040.30
17.040 Linear and angular measurements
17.060 Measurement of volume, mass, density, viscosity
Including measuring instruments
Volumetric measurements of petroleum products and natural gas, смотри75.180.30
17.080 Measurement of time, velocity, acceleration, angular velocity
Including measuring instruments
Time-measuring instruments, смотри39.040
17.100 Measurement of force, weight and pressure
Including measuring and weighing instruments
17.120 Measurement of fluid flow
Including measuring instruments and installations
17.140 Acoustics and acoustic measurements
Including measuring instruments and testing equipment
Noise with respect to human beings, смотри13.140
Acoustics in building, смотри91.120.20
17.160 Vibrations, shock and vibration measurements
Including measuring instruments and installations
Vibration and shock with respect to human beings, смотри13.160
Balancing and balancing machines, смотри21.120.40
Vibration protection of buildings, смотри91.120.25
17.180 Optics and optical measurements
17.200 Thermodynamics and temperature measurements
17.220 Electricity. Magnetism. Electrical and magnetic measurements
17.240 Radiation measurements
Including dosimetry
Radiation protection, смотри13.280